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[0.3] Python for beginners Introduction-3

Hello everyone,
Welcome to Introduction-3 and lets continue the left all Introduction

if you come first to this post then i prefer you to first go through Introduction-2

In the last part section 7 completed so let's continue with section 8

Section 8 (Function)

  1. Function introduction
  2. Print vs return in function
  3. Exercise for you with solution
  4. define greatest using function
  5. Function inside Function
  6. Fibonacci series
  7. Default Parameter
  8. Variable Scope

Section 9 (List)

  1. Introduction to list
  2. Add data to list
  3. Delete data from list
  4. In keyword
  5. some more list methods
  6. Is vs Equal in python
  7. join and split method
  8. List vs String
  9. looping in list
  10. List inside list
  11. min and max function
  12. Exercise for you

Section 10 (Tuples)

  1. Tuples introduction
  2. more about tuple
  3. function returning two values

Section 11 ( Dictionary)

  1. Dict intro
  2. looping in dictionary
  3. Add and delete data in dictionary
  4. update dictionary
  5. some method of dict
  6. get() method
  7. Word Counter

Section 12 (Sets)

  1. Sets intro
  2. More about sets

Section 13 (Comprehension)

  1. List Comprehension
  2. Dictionary Comprehension

Section 14

args() and Kwargs(*) in Python

Section 15

  1. Lambda expression-1
  2. Lambda expression-2

Section 16 (Pre-defined Functions)

  1. Enumerate function
  2. Map function
  3. Filter function
  4. Iterator vs Iterable
  5. Zip function 6.any() and all() function
  6. Sorted function

Section 17

  1. Decorators
  2. Generators

Section 18

  1. OOPs (Object Oriented Programming)

Section 19

  1. Raise error in python
  2. Try Except in python

Section 20 (Read files)

  1. Reading text file
  2. Writing in text file
  3. Working with CSV file
  4. Binary files

Section 21 (Modules)

  1. OS module
  2. GTTS module
  3. Matplotlib module
  4. pillow module
  5. Pyperclip module
  6. Openpyxl module
  7. Playsound module

These are the Sections we will discuss in whole series. I hope this will cover the whole basics of the python.
New topics may be added as per requirement (you can also suggest)

next part of this tutorial link

So,If you have any problem regarding this series or if i miss any topic of basic python then please tell me using the comment box . I will definitely go through those comments
Thank You...

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