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Mohit Raj
Mohit Raj

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[0.1] Python for beginners Introduction-1

Hello Friends,
I am going to start Python tutorial for Beginners. It will cover every aspect of the python from beginners to advanced level.

So, start learning and keep learning.

What will covered in this tutorial


  1. Python2 vs Python3
  2. Download and install Python 3.x (x be any number)

1. Python basics
-> Print function
-> Comment in python
-> Escape sequence
-> Raw String
2. Python as a Calculator
3. Variables in Python

Next in Introduction-2 link is

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Minh Hieu

Sorry but did you made any tutorial video or something like that or i have to find on internet??

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Mohit Raj

I will try to share some link also so that you can learn deeply and also try to cover every thing so that any body need not to go through video tutorial