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1.2 Download and install Python 3.x

->> If you are a Linux user then no need to install python3.x because it is
preinstalled in linux OS.
->> If you are a Window user then follow the following steps to download and
install python3.x in your system.

Before going to this please known about Python2 vs python3

Downlaod Python3.x

  1. open the link this will take you to the offical site of the Python.
    Alt Text

  2. Click on "Downloads".

  3. Latest version of Python will appear with download option as shown in figure below.
    Alt Text

  4. Click on "Download Python 3.x.x" x- may be any number. your download starts now.

Install Python3.x

  1. Open the file which you downlaod and double click on it,a window appear as shown below
    Alt Text
    Alt Text

  2. On that window two option appear tick both of them and then click on "Install Now".
    ->>Please not forgot to add python to the path.

  3. Now python installed in your system.

Check python install successfully or not

  1. open your command prompt and type "python" . it will show you the latest version of python installed in your system.

Open Python in your system

  1. When we install python then an IDE(Integrated development environment) is also installed along with that so now search IDLE in your system.
    Alt Text

  2. Open it. It look like as shown below. you can python code here.
    Alt Text
    You may change its background colour etc.

  3. Now you are ready with Python installed .let's try something write in it
    try to write " print("hello World") " . Output is looking like this_
    Alt Text

Different IDE for Python

=>> You may use different IDE for writing Python code . Here i provide some of the useful IDE link that is used by the professional

  1. visual Studio Code -
  2. PyCharm -
  3. Anaconda -

Next part Python Basic -

=>> Ithink it will help you alot. If you have any problem please let me know in the comment box.

Thank You...

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