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Denna To-Do list app


Denna is a fully featured and productive To-Do list for Windows 10 devices.

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Denna's idea came from my own needs. I'm not punctual at all, so I needed a tool to make me care more about the time I have.
So with the help of the whole team in MahStudio we came across with a project named Project Plannel which then became Denna.

Denna is a name of a mountain in Iran. The idea of Denna came from where I failed my test due to not making time for studies and the answer of that missed question was Denna.

Then with the help of the team and the community we developed and release a lovely tool named Denna.
The aim of Denna is to help people to care more about the time they have. Cuz time flies!

Ease of access and productivity is Denna's core value.


Denna in press

Denna got a really good attention from users and some of the news websites. You can read some of Denna's reviews down below:

And so on ...


This project is designed by Sr. architect and designer Aref M. Ahmadi and Sr. designer Mohammad R. Alidoost.


Also you can see the whole design files HERE


Denna looks for new maintainers and contributors. The key feature that we need for next update is sync and the features that are into the design.
As Denna is an open source project, all kind of contributions are welcome.

Note: Denna V2 is under development. You can help us by giving us feedbacks. Nightly builds are HERE AT DENNA INSIDER CHAT ON TELEGRAM

What we had in V1

  • Manage your tasks
  • Cortana interaction
  • Action center actions
  • Manage your hobbies
  • Ability to postpone,edit and delete your tasks
  • Share tasks
  • Back up tasks
  • Graphical performance charts

What features are planned in V2

  • Offline-first Sync
  • New codebase
  • Better performance
  • Design improvements
  • Support for android and IOS
  • and so on

You can see V 2.0 milestone HERE

Don't forget to star our project.

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