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Hey guys, greate post. I feel the same as you πŸ˜… the main problem imho is the API. Its just too error prone and complex.
The learning curve is way too steep.
But its possible to create well performing applications, it just needs hibernate experts (hard too find πŸ˜†)
Thatβ€˜s why i created Its a framework based on hibernate, but fixes most of its problems.

I know it sounds weird, fixing hibernate by adding more layers on top πŸ˜‚
But maybe you are curious and wanna try it out? Feedback is very welcome.


At this point I'm using Kotlin. Basically hibernate doesn't solve any problem I have, creates a huge potential for problems, I definitely don't need, all while trying to solve things that are definitely not problems in a way that creates more problems than it is worth.

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