What is the best and simplest coding editor for newbies?

momandalex022 profile image Christine Marshall ・1 min read

Hi I am a fairly newbie when i was using freecodecamp they had me go to CODPEN and i loved its simplicity... but there are some things i believe it can't do which is basically turning into a real webpage, and especially i don't believe it will take me past HTML, JavaScript and CSS... I love the wrap around with Sublime but I get confused and frustrated on downloading any packages. I have tried JSBIN i really like the version before this but this new version doesn't seem like it is less newbie friendly... or will take me past the big three HTML, CSS, Javascript... What are your ideas?


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I actually found an editor that was kind of off the beaten path by accident that i totally love it is a live editor that has all the functions of a real editor at least i think, but it is really easy to use it is called...
i am absolutely in love with it and it is free! Unfortunately, my mentor said that eventually i would outgrow this one too. But until then, i will be having some fun!


Do you want an online editor or one that you can install?

Online: stackblitz.com
This website is practically like VSCode. At the startpage, chose "blank project" and your set. Adding packages is done by adding them in package.json

Install: VSCode is a pretty popular free tool, but packages will be the same problem as in Sublime I guess.

For the packages: try to learn how to use npm (node package manager).


For Apple/Mac products, sublime, easy to install and use.
For Microsoft/Windows products, Visual Studio Code || Notepad++ (it depends).
For mobile devices, it depends, for Apple ios, consider looking through the Appstore, since I don't use apple, and never will, but for AndriodOS/ChromeOS, use Notepad.

Hope this helps!


i recommend visual studio code because it has support for so many languages and has an integrated terminal.


MIght even be Notepad++ on Windows.

Sublime Text is OK, but just don't download too many packages. Be minimalistic.


What language(s) do you want to use other than HTML, CSS and JavaScript?