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What are the gaping holes? I'm in a confluence, jira and kallithea shop, and maybe I just don't know any better, but I haven't noticed any gaping holes.

I would like organizing documents to be easier, so I really want to know what I'm missing!


Probably just the company. Their jira instance looks like a combination bug tracker and project management tool. No test case management (admittedly, after a quick googling, I see there are plenty of add-ons that make me wonder why none are installed). Also no source code integration. I believe there is a gitlab integration available for jira - I don't think they have it set up. But even if it was set up, there's no IDE integration for updating an issue and triggering the workflow. Are there only "issues" in jira? I don't see different issue types with different workflows.

Their confluence looks like a social platform for IT rather than a project document workspace. I will say that it has a nicer UI than sharepoint. I'm not sure how it handles document versioning, checked-in/out states - I don't use it that much. Also, I don't know if it's possible to link confluence documents to jira issues (I see you can attach documents to issues, but not link unless you manually paste a path in there), I can with my TFS work items and Sharepoint docs.

Regardless of the misuse of the applications, the integrations overall are too weak for me in this stack. I want something like in this diagram (assuming a work item has a time element for project management purposes):

There are JIRA integrations for intelliJ and eclipse, but you have to set those up, and have your source control integrated too...

JIRA lets you define as many issue types as you want. I think "Bug" "Improvement" and "New Feature" are the defaults, but my shop has a number of other types. Likewise with workflow, you can make per-project, per-issue type workflows. I believe you can add as many workflow states and transition as your heart desires, but again, it's manual work.

Thanks for the MS tool rundown, I appreciate it!

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