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re: Not really a portfolio (yet), but [Momcilo Popov)[] design worked pretty well. People call it mysterious, and I am getting contacted via...

I've never seen anyone do that full screen SHOUTING THE LINK thing you do when you hover a link before. It's... different. Kinda cool I guess? The problems I have with it (apart from the initial surprise) is that it's not there for every link ("touch" vs "here" and "here") and that the link text itself is often just "here", which is bad for accessibility and SEO.

Why is the ellipsis a button? I quite like that effect too - revealing the additional information when clicked - but it's not obvious that'll happen and I'm all about keeping my browsing experience low on surprises!


Even tho I totally understand your point, my idea was exactly the opposite: surprises and unconventional interactions :) But I improved accessibility a bit in this newer version :)

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