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I've been enjoying VSCode (or VSCodium as some other recent post showed me) for a week or two. The vim-ness is pretty good. I like it because it lets me use xdebug better than vdebug.


The vim-ness is pretty good

Yeah! Definitely! The VSCodeVim plugin has come a long way and it works really well today. Super kudos to the core team and contributors :D

I'm not familiar with either of those tools, are they debugging tools for php? And xdebug works in VSCode but doesn't in Vim?


xdebug is PHP-side, and it just provides a debugging interface any client can use. Vdebug is a vim client for xdebug, and there's one built-in to VSCode (I think, it may have been an extension).
Vdebug is trickier to navigate though because I think for using a debugger with lots of watch windows and so on it's easier (gasp) to use a mouse.

Awesome! Thank you for the detailed response!

Hmm good thought, I haven't vimmified my debugging experience either. 😁 TBH I try to spend as much time on automated testing as I can in order to minimize the need for debugging (which I see as a last resort tool). But when I do, there's lots of mouse involved 😀

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