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Discussion on: 5 Absolutely FREE Projects YOU should do to become a Full Stack SUPERMAN/SUPERWOMAN before the 2020 ends !!!

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Ben Sinclair

Rock star and ninja aren't particularly gendered. What I was getting at was the trend a while ago for describing developers as something extraordinary, like "10x" or "guru" or something. The "superman" part was the gendered part. I was trying to convey that while I didn't like that type of term in general, it was the specific instance of being gendered that made it seem too much.
If we can't flip the genders and still be comfortable with the sentence, then something's up with it, and I think most people would find a title like, "10 ways to be Supergirl with Javascript" to seem clunky.

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Sinan P. = NP

Oh my bad. Apologies, I misunderstood. Yes I agree with you on the superman part and the whole idea behind that "10x" trend.

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Saeed Ahmad Author

Yeah I agree on that. I have updated the title name though. Supergirls are awesome by the way!

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Ben Calder

Supergirls are awesome by the way!

Great, but why "supergirls" and not "superwomen"? I see that at least you managed to use the latter in your revised title, but in your comments you're not demonstrating much awareness of the issue being raised here.

I'd recommend against all the click-bait superlatives and "we're all trying to be rock-star devs" nonsense. I gave up reading the article as soon as I got to "fullstack ninja". I came to the comments to say as much and saw someone already had.

For those who don't want to conform to the gendered, macho stereotypes you're perpetuating it is all very off-putting.

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Saeed Ahmad Author

Man! Every woman is a girl too. Why you people are hell-bent on proving someone wrong?