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Actually for me in 2020, taking into consideration that any development needs will need some setup, the only reasons I use a MacBook pro are Xcode and good laptop builds with good value.

Other than the need for IOS development you can do anything just fine in a well customized Linux distro or even windows with the latest efforts.

Mac is more stable? Not really, it's just easier to get comfortable in it's ecosystem, but damn, engineers should be able to handle any kind of OS setup, plus Mac have some really bad things like font scaling/aliasing in external displays, many small issues with Catalina, Bluetooth issues, lack of hardware support for custom builds, price.

IMHO in 2020 if you don't need to develop for IOS, do buy whatever you like more, take in consideration important things like keyboard, display, build quality, price. I do like my macbook, but it is so damn expansive that it annoys the f out of me when something like the external display looks so bad, or that I need to buy some third party windows management software to do half of the things I can do natively in windows and in so many Linux GUIs.


It's just that the competition is so fragmented and doesn't have the simple straightforward marketing message that Apple has, but if you really look at what you get (hardware, software) then I'd say that Apple's offering is WAY too expensive.

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