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Because people use Y, and it's clearly better than X.

All languages have strong points and weak points. These pros and cons also vary based on domain: there are some places where PHP is useful, and other places where it's utterly useless.

Every coder should know multiple languages. I think it's a legitimate concern that if somebody knows only PHP* that their coding knowledge is somewhat limited. There are so many differnet constructs in other languages that you might just never see in PHP. Granted, it, like all languages, evolves over time.

*My concern applies basically to any language. You can't know just one and expect to be a good programmer.


Every coder should know multiple languages.

I second that. Also changing levels and paradigms also helps a lot. For example, if someone uses PHP on a day to day basis, learning something like Scala or Clojure would change his way of thinking completely.

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