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Discussion on: Linux Vs Windows - Why Linux Is Better For Programming & Web Dev (A newbie experience)

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Andres F Mosquera • Edited

it's a 50/50.

I have been using fedora as my main O.S. for more than 5 years now, and even if installing developer stuff is much easier on Linux (for us, a command line is better than a bunch of clicks and UIs), we have to accept we are "normal" users too, and Linux lacks a lot in this segment. in my case? I just found out the HSP/HFP profiles doesn't work with modern Bluetooth devices. so, if I have a meeting I have to grab a cable or connect my old headphones.

the point about the Linux terminal being better than windows console... might be true, especially when you are not PowerShell fluent, but the Linux subsystem implemented by MS works pretty well and you can do almost anything on both sides.

The opensource thing plays in favor and against the platform. the good side is that everyone can contribute it, the downside is that almost nobody actually does it, that lets some software completely outdated until someone has the time to resurrect those projects. I tend to use the proprietary versions of anything I need like Nvidia, broadcom or java.

  • faster software updates: not true for all the platform or OS releases, especially for those labeled as stable.

I have been on both sides, and I found the windows community to be more friendly to the newcomers, but Linux forces you to do your research first.

Things i don't miss from windows: The filesystem
Things i don't like in Linux: the "not so practical" file structure: binaries go there, configurations there, use /opt for this, and this other folder, etc...

Things making considering a return to windows: the native for support for almost everything.