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The challenges of working remotely and how i overcome them

working remotely it is not that easy to get used to it, as you work independently away from the office and plan how to accomplish your task by yourself and the way that you will do your project or work . My journey of working remotely is little challenging because it is my first time working remotely working the time i want , doing my project wherever i want everything depend on myself about how i want to complete my tasks. the good news is that as i continue to do it every single day i'm getting used to it with the help of my teammates. Through this article i am going to discuss about the challenges that i'm facing so far and how i overcome to them.

the first challenge that I've been facing so far is the internet connectivity but it is not that i don't get it but what it takes me to access it takes me to have a long journey to get to the place where i can get it at maximum but luck me for the first time i experienced connectivity issues but eventually i found the solution to it where i started using the Ethernet cable to access it.
the second challenge is the time management, as work independently there is no time that i can not work and to know how to manage the time efficiently but in order to overcome this challenge i set time schedules that direct me and guide me about how to use my time in productive way.

Distractions is another issues that I've been facing so far . to get the private place where i feel comfortable while doing my work it is very i hard . i often work in public places with so many people some making noise and to have a meeting with my teammates becomes difficulty . there is also some other distractions like those from friends and family members but some of them i try to manage it as much as i can in order to work effectively.

Communication with remote work it is not that popular to me where to get in touch with my teammates is little challenging compared to the team that work face to face . but lucky for us we us Zoom and Slack to communicate to each other to handle that issue and for this it is no longer a big issue.

project management issue is also another challenge that I've been having , to set a proper way that i can accomplish my project , to get used to Pivotal Tracker was a bit tricky but as the time goes on i get familiar with it. and i found it very helpful as it helps me to know how my project will be completed hierarchically.

For all of that said i can not forget to say that working remotely can be very productive as i can work all the time i want even the late hours. it is only a matter of time to get familiar with working remotely but the big part is that it is very interesting working remotely with team supporting you.

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