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The often overlooked consideration when choosing Ruby as your next programming language

When faced with the choice if Ruby should be your next programming language there is a lot to consider depending on your perspective. If you are new to the industry you might be looking for the fastest way to get a job, for example by checking how many companies are hiring Ruby developers. If you are an experienced engineer you might be looking for a way to solve a technical problem, for example, you might be considering Rails or Hanami to build your next web application.

The point I want to make here is that even though job market and technical considerations are definitely important, making sure that your values align with the ones of the community you will help you stay motivated and keep improving even when faced with hard challenges. Ruby is not just a beautifully designed language (which turned out to be great for building web applications) but it also has a great community around it which will inspire and help you constantly improve your engineering skills.

Everything that follows in this article is anecdotal and based on my own personal experience, so handle with care. Despite that, I think it is worth sharing as an invitation to reflect on what values are important to you and if your community is helping you let them flourish. So, what are the values of the Ruby community? While I can’t speak for the community itself this is what I think best describes the Rubyists out there.

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Helen Anderson

Hi there, Articles should not primarily be used for driving traffic to an article on another website. Please post the entire article here on DEV (if you have proper rights).