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Wikipedia Python Tutorial

# Created By Moumen
import wikipedia
import json
import time
# Created By Moumen
print(f"Welcome To Wikipedia")
lan = input (str("Language: "))
test_file = open("log.txt", "w")
# Created By Moumen
while True: 
    question = input("Question: ")
    question_1 = question.replace("What is", "")
# Created By Moumen

    test_file = open("log.txt", "a")
    test_file.write(f"\n {question_1}") 
    answer_1 = question.replace("What is", "")
    search =
    info = search.content
# Created By Moumen
    new_file = open(f"{answer_1}.txt", "w")
# Created By Moumen
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