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Nevertheless, Mme l'ingénieure informatique #supportNickConrad Coded

I started to code in 2013 because...

I finished prep school and I got in a public computer engineering school in France. I did not really code by then, I mean I had a Tumblr, I edited some CSS and HTML stuff but it was handy work. I did not know a lot about languages or logics even thought I got off prep school thanks to an informatics project (Maple stuff...)

I deserve credit for...

Going through my entire education without killing anybody, the misogyny in our community is wild. A bunch of girls drop out engineer schools. Some people tried so hard to make me quit... I have a CTO who told me I was not meant to code and I was meant for design. LIKE AFTER KNOWING ME FOR 6 MONTHS HE KNEW BETTER THAN ME. Some fellows in my school told everyone I sucked dicks to get good grades. It is a miracle I did not break any jaws.

I hope to see

I hope to see more diversity in the community, I want to see women and I want to see POC and above all I want to hear their stories.

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