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You are feeling like a genius,then this happened

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Have you ever had a project at work that you start with the mindset ... "I got this, gonna be a walk in the park!"

Everything is going great, you are feeling like a genius. You have worked hard on it, now you are so close to the finish line, you can almost touch it.

You are 99% of the way there, then you hit an error. It is so big that no one on your team can figure out how to fix it, Stackoverflow has never seen your error, and you don't know who to ask for help.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that was my day today. Tomorrow I'll begin another fight with OpenSSL and curl on Windows Server 2019

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It must be so bad to have to work with the Microsoft ecosystem, I can't imagine...


Actually it is not that bad. The company I work for used a lot of proprietary systems. For example, we are running our own framework and the database being used is IBM DB2. Windows is challenging when interfacing with third-party/opensource tools, but it is not because the OS is inherently bad, it is because not many people took the time to create software for windows.


I've read so many horror stories on Windows (from people actually working at microsoft), that I have a hard time believing you when you say it's "not inherently bad". ;)

Also, software engineering is difficult enough as it is, and not having access to the source code to track a hard bug is really something I wouldn't want to try.

when it comes to software development a lot of people have issues because they have limited access to the system that they are working on. I have full access so I can install whatever tool I need to make it work well with my code.

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