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Discussion on: 7 JavaScript Data Structures you must know

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Martin Pagels

Hey Neha, I wanted to let you know that I found some mistakes in your example code:

var users=["neha","ayushi","gauri"]; // creating an array
//iterate over an array
for (i=0;i<user.length;i++){

document.write(emp[i] + ", ");


in the for loop there is a "s" missing at user.length. This would throw a ReferenceError.

And in the "document.write" the variable "emp" doesn't make sense. I think you meant "users" instead of "emp".

And I think there is, in the "Common JavaScript Array Methods" picture, at the splice() method example, a little mistake: You're splicing the fruits array, but this is strange, because you named the array "arr".

Maybe fix this, so the readers don't have to fight with wrong code.


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Morten Vestergaard

Also, i is never declared..

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Neha Soni Author

Oh. thanks for pointing it out 🤝