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Contributing to Telescope 🔭


While waiting for reviews in my recent pull request, I decided to find a different project. After hours of searching for issues on GitHub, I suddenly remembered the first repository where I made my first pull request, Telescope. Since then, the project has undergone many changes with different features and bug fixes, so I think it is time to make another contribution.

The issue

A quick overview about Telescope: it is a web server and application developed by professors and students at Seneca College to track students/faculties' blogs about anything open-source.

For my task, I had to customize Telescope's build log page to match the design and layout of the main dashboard, specifically:

  • Add header and side navigation bar
  • Change side navigation default logo into Telescope logo
  • Update link in side navigation logo to redirect to ./

Working on the issue

After setting up the development environment using Telescope's documentation, I began looking at the UI to figure out what I should do. Lucky for me, there was also a different issue that addressed the dashboard page UI, so I decided to use that as a reference.

I began by adding each UI component one by one, re-rendering the page every time I added in new code to make sure I didn't break anything. Once I was satisfied with my changes, I opened up a pull request on Telescope, explaining what I did and providing screenshots of the result.

Since I was referencing another issue, I had to keep track of the updated changes in the other PR and update mine accordingly. The other PR also had many requested changes, so I tried my best to read through all the reviews, adding comments when I needed help and clarification to ensure that I wouldn't break or miss anything.


Similar to the other PR, when this post is online, the PR is currently under review. I will constantly keep an eye on new notifications regarding this PR and add more commits if needed.

Cheers! 🍻

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