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17 Best React Native Experts & Blogs To Follow In 2018

Who are the best React Native experts? Who to follow? Where to find them? Well, I did that research, so you don’t have to.

(this post was originally posted on Ideamotive's blog)

1. Facebook’s React Native Github Blog

This blog is a must-visit for all the React Native developers. With frequent updates and plenty of contributors, it’s a great place to be up-to-date with React Native.

Check it out and visit every once in a while so you won’t miss a thing!

2. Mike Grabowski

Mike Grabowski is one of the best React Native experts out there. He is a member of a React Native core team and he’s extremely active in React Native community. Mike frequently writes and speaks about this framework and contributes to various projects. Mike is also an organizer of React Native EU 2018, first conference in Europe dedicated solely to React Native.

3. React Native Twitter

The best source of information in terms of updates and new releases. Make sure to follow and stay updated!

4. Ray Wenderlich

Ray Wenderlich is a well-known persona in the software development community. With his team of over 100 software developers and editors, he provides thousands of high-quality resources for coders. If you are looking for boosting your programming skills – you may have found the place.

The platform is an amazing source of knowledge on developing apps. They also cover React Native providing tutorials like this one from Christine Abernathy from Facebook.

Ray himself stays active on Twitter and it’s worth to follow him, not only because of React Native-related content.

5. Nader Dabit and React Native Radio

A real treat for those who would rather listen than reading. Nader Dabit is a creator and host of React Native Radio on, a weekly podcast about React Native. Nader recorded over 100 episodes so far and does not intend to stop. Every episode features different guest, usually a representative of a startup, software development company or big tech corporation. What do they have in common? They are all top React Native experts!

6. Wyatt McBain and React Native Coach

React Native Coach is a stream of React Native-related articles on Medium. Curated by Wyatt McBain it contains plenty of interesting articles submitted by various React Native experts. For reference, check out this piece about creating the Facebook-like chat bubbles.

You can also subscribe to the bi-weekly newsletter, to be sure that you’ll never miss any content published.

7. ReactDOM

ReactDOM is a newsletter about React and React Native curated by Adeeb Rahman (to be followed on Twitter and Quora). With over 100 issues its a solid source of knowledge about both platforms.

It is also worth noticing due to its pretty active newstream on Twitter. Remember to check it out!

8. Devin Abbott

Devin Abbott is another React Native rockstar. This former Airbnb engineer is the founder of Deco Software, a React Native developer tools company. He is also an author of many parts of the official React Native documentation. Devin published plenty of useful resources for React and React Native. One of them is Fullstack React Native – an amazing guide to React Native in form of an e-book.

You can follow Devin on Twitter and check out his React Native tutorial site.

9. Dan Abramov

Dan Abramov “builds tools for humans” and is certainly someone worth following. With over 50k followers on Medium and 130K on Twitter, he is one of the most influential React Native experts out there. Dan has an amazing reputation for being really helpful among React Native community.

Dan is also a heavy user and a dedicated contributor on GitHub. Make sure to check out his profile and give him some credits for the enormous work he’s doing!

10. Christoph Michel

Christoph has written a number of good articles about React, React Native, and Redux. Although doesn’t exclusively write about mobile app development, his blog is still worth visiting.

11. Gosha Arinich

Gosha Arinich is a software developer freelancer who blogs about web and mobile applications development. You can find all his React Native related entries here. But there’s plenty more. You’ll find some quality content about Ruby on Rails and React as well.

12. Maximilian Schwarzmüller

Maximillian is a co-founder of coding self-learning platform Academind. He is also an active teacher on Udemy, where he helps people in mastering React and other programming frameworks. He has almost 350K students on Udemy and owns a successful Youtube channel with almost 200K subscribers.

You should definitely follow his Twitter, where he keeps active and post share high-quality content about React Native software development.

13. Stephen Grider

Stephen Grider is another Udemy teacher where he is authoring the highest rated course on React. He is also involved with coding teaching platform RallyCoding, which blog is something also worth checking.

14. Juho Vepsäläinen

Everybody has their own thing. For Juho, it’s talking to people. His blog is full of talks with engineers and developers behind various React-related libraries.
Juho is also an active member of React community. He is the award-winning founder of the SurviveJS and JSter and organizer of React Finland.

15. React Native Training

React Native Training is a Medium-based thread with stories and tutorials for developers interested in React Native. The list is curated by two React Native freaks mentioned before, Mike Grabowski and Nader Dabit. Make sure to check it out once in a while! And, of course, you can follow this project on Twitter as well.

16. Karan Thakkar

Karan Thakkar is a React Native developer at Skyscanner and trainer at Codebar. He is also an active open-source contributor with over 600 contributions on GitHub in 2017.

Make sure to check out his articles on Medium and follow him on Twitter!

17. Alexey Kureev

Alex Kureev is a front-end engineer at Facebook. He is the author of some React Native related publications on Medium and remains active on Twitter.

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