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Raymon Schouwenaar for Mr Frontend

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Don’t worry! It’s all about enjoying the journey of life!

Life is not about reaching goals, because when we reach those goals we will have other goals to reach.


Life is about having a journey with things you will experience, some are great and some are not so great!

Things happen for a reason in life, even when you can’t see the reason at that point in life, later you will definitlly understand it!

So be more focussed on enjoying the journey towards goals, than reaching a goal itself!

Enjoy the ride called life!

Don’t make your life so difficult for yourself by only doubting which thing you should do next!

Don’t overthink your life but live the life by making a choice, stick to it, fail and try again!

Nobody will live a perfect life!

We are human, we are designed to make choice and to enjoy life!

If your doubting to much right now? Than imagine driving on a road with 2 posibilities. You can go left or right, you never will know the outcome until you take action and drive left or right!

It can be a good choice, it can be a bad. If it is a bad one, SO WHAT! Use that as a new starting point, make it a lesson and base your choices on it next time!

Don’t be affraid to walk on the road called life! Don’t fear failure! Embrace it as life lessons!

This the positive message I wanted to share with you today! Make every minute count!

See next time! Peace ✌️

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