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Quick Tip: Formatting Elixir templates

Finding a VS Code plugin to automatically format my Elixir templates (.eex, .leex) has been some trouble. The Elixir Language Server extension doesn't do this by default. I've been using "Beautify" up until now, because at least it properly formats HTML. However, it'd leave Elixir's special forms (if, for, etc...) completely un-indented:

Un-indented code

Reading through this issue, it's apparant that I'm not the only one who wants some indenting from a formatter:

This comment solved it for me:

After installing and the htmlbeautifier gem, I configured the default formatting for my .leex files by bringing up the command palette, typing "format document with", then choosing "Configure Default Formatter...", and then selecting "YAB for eex/leex".

Command palette choosing new default formatter

Then, after a file save, my indentation comes back! Well, mostly. Sadly there's no indentation support for form_for/3, since it's just a variable assignment folled at the end by a </form> tag, but having indentation for the rest is a huge help.

Indentation returned

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