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Hacktoberfest 2020 - completed!

I am participating in hacktoberfest for the second time, and it is amazing. I am also participating as a maintainer, and I have never seen so much activities on my projects.
Here are my 4 PR's:
Once again I have contributed to opsdroid:

GitHub logo opsdroid / opsdroid

🤖 An open source chat-ops bot framework

Opsdroid Logo

An open source chat-ops bot framework

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An open source chatbot framework written in Python. It is designed to be extendable, scalable and simple.

This framework is designed to take events from chat services and other sources and execute Python functions (skills) based on their contents. Those functions can be anything you like, from simple conversational responses to running complex tasks. The true power of this project is to act as a glue library to bring the multitude of natural language APIs, chat services and third-party APIs together.

See our full documentation to get started.


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute]


Thank you to all our backers! 🙏 [Become a backer]


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It is a really amazing platform for creating chat bots - like dialogflow, but open source, and you can create a bot for many platforms with just one config file, and you can create custom skills.
I have learned about testing signals in python code
Also I have learned about datasette project, which I might explore more and use later on.
Also I found nuclear:

GitHub logo ArkScript-lang / nuclear

ArkScript package manager - a Python proof of concept

Nuclear - poc

An ArkScript Package Manager

Instructions to Run

  • Pre-Requisites

    • Python3.6 or above
  • Directions to install

    • Clone the repo
    git clone
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    • Navigate into the repo
    cd nuclear
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    • Activate a virtual env
    python3 -m venv ./venv
    # windows
    # linux
    source ./venv/bin/activate
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    • Install the requirements
    pip3 install -r requirements.txt
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  • If you're facing an issue where you cannot download any more tarballs, you might have been rate limited by GitHub
  • To increase the rate limit, generate a personal access token
  • add token to nuclear
nuclear --login --token <YOUR TOKEN HERE>
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  • To see the help command

    nuclear -h
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    nuclear --help
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  • Authentication (using Github Access Token)

     --token TOKEN     GitHub token, required if rate limiting is an issue
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  • To Install an ArkScript Package from Github

    nuclear install [-h] [-v VERSION] package
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    • Positional Arguments format of the package:
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    • Optional Arguments

It is pretty basic now, but I like the concept of a package manager, and I always wanted to create one-so I will either help this project or create my own :D Currently learning about creating lockfiles.
That's it! For sure it's not the end of hacktoberfest, as I will look into more repos, and I am of course welcoming contributions on my own repository:

GitHub logo bitcartcc / bitcart


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BitcartCC is a platform for merchants, users and developers which offers easy setup and use.

Linked repositories

Our ecosystem consists of a few packages, this is our central repository.

It is recommended to propose feature requests to BitcartCC ecosystem as a whole on that repository.

Full list of our repositories: - BitcartCC Core Daemons and Merchants API - The admin panel of BitcartCC - BitcartCC ready store - Docker packaging, base for all deployment methods - Python library for coins connection - The BitCCL scripting language for checkout flow automation - BitcartCC documentation - BitcartCC official site


Docs are available at or in our docs repository


See our contributing guidelines for details.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

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