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MrNaif2018 for BitcartCC

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Contribute to BitcartCC this Hacktoberfest!

BitcartCC is an opensource self-hosted cryptocurrency solution for merchants and developers. We want to build a modern platform with no legacy code but strong compatibility policy where community choices impact the decisions done.

Project description


If you are a merchant, BitcartCC provides a ready Merchants API for integrating into custom sites or complex systems, full admin panel for managing wallets, stores, products, invoices or something more complex and a checkout page, and a lightweight store template which can be used in POS terminals for example or for merchants without any ready website.

The links provided are our demo instance, but the main feature is that all merchants are encouraged to run BitcartCC instances on their own servers to be fully independent. Latest minimal requirements are 1 gb ram (with swap enabled) or 2 gb ram and around 20 gb disk. This is using a special technology for verification which makes it light and secure.
BitcartCC can be hosted on amd64, arm32 and arm64 machines (like a raspberry pi)


For developers we provide a ready python SDK which can be used not only for receiving payments, but also for sending payments or getting some information from the blockchain. From any language it is possible to access our JSON-RPC 2.0 API.

The app is deployed in docker containers where users can install only the needed components

And there is a lot more to that, check out and

How can I contribute?

You can contribute to BitcartCC in various ways. Any help is valuable: testing it out, finding and reporting bugs, requesting new features or implementing them.

All contributors will be mentored so that they will understand how the project works

If you want to contribute to project in terms of pull request, here's the full list of issues you can try tacking

Our project has many languages involved: python, docker, vue, bash, golang, js, yaml, markdown and more. So you can learn a lot of new things by contributing!

Issues marked with good-first-issue label should be good ones to start with the project, issues with help-wanted label are usually more complex and require at least basic understanding of the parts involved.

But don't worry! You can always ask questions in our github or communities

Happy hacking 🚀

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