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Paul C. Ishaili
Paul C. Ishaili

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Mr. P's Notes on: "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People"

The book offers an opportunuity to explore ourseves and our impact on others and not just a how-to-guide.

The book is a perfect blend of wisdom, compassion and practical experience. It is a solid wisdom and sound principles.

The principle discussed in this book are universal and can be applied to every aspect of life; they cannot simply be performed, they must be rehearsed!

Winning is an habit, so is losing. In this book, I will understnd the seven habits that didtinguishes the happy, healthy, successful from those who fail or who must sacrifice meaning and happiness for success in the narrow sense.

The permanent things in life:

  • Values
  • Family
  • Relationship
  • Communication

Knowledge is the quickest and safest path to success in any area of life. THe author of the Book, Steven R. Covey , has encapsulated the strategies used by all those who are highly effective. Success can be learned and this book is a highly effective way to learn it.

Interdependence is a higher value than independence

The author of the book, Steven R. Covey, live what he says and this book can help you live, permanently, in the 'Winners Circle'.

There is no real excellence in all the world which can be separated fro tright living. ~ David Starr Jordan

Stay Blessed, Today.
Mr. Paul Ishaili C.


7 Habits of highly effective people, by Steven R. Covey

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