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CakePHP 3.x based multi-role dashboard back-end template aka Cristeena

Cristeen will save you from days trouble for initiating a new project. It comes with all the required features you need to initiate a project in CakePHP 3.x.


It is a skeleton for creating back end applications with CakePHP 3.x. with basic user module for 3 different roles mentioned as below

  1. Director (super admin)
  2. Admin
  3. User


All of the above roles have separate Dashboard. The user part of the system has a room for integrating a front end of your own choice.

While developing this, the hierarchy has also been kept in mind, like a director can perform an action on both Admins and Users but Admins can only perform actions on Users.


I have used RequireJS for loading all the JS in the system which reduces the HTTP request at the time of page load making the system super fast. Moreover, the system is using CakePHP ORM for database interactions making it more and more speedy.


All the issues opened are welcome and would be taken seriously. I will be more than happy to have collaborators in this for the mutual benefit of all.


You can find the detailed documentation of the project here.


Here is the Repository Link

happy coding.


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