Entering the World of Coding

msstinson00 profile image Marissa Stinson ・2 min read

Entering the World of Coding

So I can say that I have officially completed my first week of coding school and from what I have been told, since I have written my first code, I can officially call myself a CODER. Yay! So, a week ago, my vision of what this whole experience was going to be like was more like a college setting. I had my binder with my notebook and pens all ready to go and I was going to take as much notes as possible to memorize the terms the teacher would be explaining to the class. Well, I can say that I had my notebook out the first day and quickly realized I wouldn't be using it like I thought I would. Being the daughter of a man who graduated high school in the 80’s and worked his way up in the IT world to become very successful and with a mother who followed right in his footsteps that I would have this IT stuff in the bag right? I mean, they have been ingraining computer this and computer that into my head since I was born. Wrong. I walked in here just as lost as anyone else. This line of study I would say is 85% self teaching and you will hear that a lot as you move forward. Of course, you learn from the videos you watch and the research you do and cant forget about Google, I hear he will be my best friend! The other 15% is for when you are just simply stuck and cant figure it out. Then its okay to reach out. I must say, at first it frightened me a bit. I have always found myself as being more hands on or I suppose I have never been shy to ask for help. Demonstration has always worked good for me which really didn’t make me an expert in self teaching. As the days have gone by, I find myself wanting to just raise my hand and ask for the explanation I need so I can have an instant answer. But no, I have been challenging myself and trying my best to find answers all on my own. Even if that means its one hour later and now my browser has 10 more tabs of things I MUST go back and look more into. What you can learn in this field is endless and there is so much knowledge to obtain. The thing I was sure of before taking this journey was that I would need to practice self-discipline. For the times that I feel stuck or that I am way behind. For the times that I think, what am I getting myself into? Can I do this? That self discipline will help to get through those rough patches as challenging as it will seem. So, a wrap up on my first week entering into the world of coding is something that I have to accept that I will need to constantly be challenging myself to keep up and let alone teach myself if I want to make it far but in the end it is so worth it.


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