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Working with Obstacles

Obstacles. Well, they sure have been present in my day to day life. You know, like the times when your out and about and the baby is upset because they have a wet diaper but oh no, you didn’t realize you used the last diaper last time. No problem, just a run to the store can fix that. Its an inconvenient or even frustrating situation, but at least seeing that beautiful solution in the horizon is comforting enough and we can take a breathe of relief. We can handle those obstacles, right? Unfortunately, not all obstacles give you the comfort of having or even knowing if there is a solution. Those times, not so fun. Oh, those dreadful times can take anywhere from an hour that feels like days to the days that feel like months. So what are we to do when we are unexpectedly hit? For all you devs out there, I am sure you have figured out your own little way to deal when your code just isn’t working and you are just stuck. Or maybe you haven’t. I mean, we are to confide in Google as long as we can before we go make our problem some one elses. Even then the thought of giving up because you feel like you have tried every option there is over and over again can really play in your head. For those people or the noobs like me, here are some helpful tips that I have came across by our trusty friend Google or just word of mouth.

  1. Identify your starting point
    So where do you start? Not with a specific language or job, but with a path that starts with the fundamentals. Before you learn React, you need to learn the command line, how the web works, JavaScript, understand front end frameworks, and then you can finally learn React.

  2. Learning Alone
    Start alone but continue with others.

  3. Pacing and Goal Setting
    This is still a struggle for me. I feel like there is so much information I need to learn so I want to know it all, because frankly, until I do, I will feel so behind. I just have to accept that. I have to keep reminding myself that everyone has been where I am. Just slowing down and setting reachable goals will gain huge accomplishments.

  4. Managing Frustrations and Troubleshooting Effectively

    1. Read error messages.
    2. Get comfortable with not knowing.
    3. Struggle, but not for too long.
    4. Learn how to ask questions.

    There will be some days you read over these and feel like none of this can help un-stick for the super sticky spot your in and that may be the case BUT just try to start practicing these steps and getting familiar will definitely help in the long run.

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