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CSS is my New Friend

So, I knew from the beginning that CSS and I were gonna click. Since the start of my journey into the world of coding, I have heard CSS numerous times and every time its about how fun and creative it is and all the amazing things you can do with it. It always caught my attention, not because its “fun”, well maybe partly, but because what motivates me and excites me about learning all this code stuff is being able to CREATE things like websites and apps. The front end stuff they say. I say, The Designer.
So I started to put together my website this past week. To do that, I had to learn HTML first. So HTML I am liking as well. I was picking up on everything pretty quickly and feeling like I was getting the hang of things. What that includes is that I was putting code in my HTML index when it technically should have been in my CSS. When I was first corrected, I was a little bothered and wished it could all just be in the same thing, I mean, I was on a roll and it appearing how I wanted it to appear. So having to switch it up and move majority of my codes into a separate CSS sucked, but only at the time. I get it now.
There are so many more options and cool things you can do within CSS while HTML is quite limiting I began to realize. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Its purpose is to style markup languages (like HTML or XML). Therefore, CSS is worthless on its own, unless associated with an HTML document. CSS brings an HTML document to life, by choosing fonts, applying colors, defining margins, positioning elements, animating interactions, and much more. For an example on how to use CSS is like this. It works is by selecting an HTML element (like a paragraph), choosing a property to alter (like the color), and applying a certain value (like red). That is just something simple. I am still on the “simple” stage of CSS but I am learning so much more everyday. It really is gonna be what makes all of this fun, to me anyways. I highly recommend to all you new devs out there to check it out and really play with it. I am finding that just switching codes around and swapping words for words or colors for colors just to get the hang of things is really helping me figure things out. I cant wait to see all I can do with this wonderful thing that is my new favorite friend.

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