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Day 37: Idea Generation

Idea generation is an extreme sport, very draining to the mind. I never thought it was though, until my team happened! Idea generation in a nutshell is the process of developing and defining a product or solution concept. It requires an understanding of the problem at hand and the most efficient way to solve it.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein.

My experience today shed light on the resourcefulness of teams in idea generation. Our ideas most oftnely seem perfect in our heads, it is not until we share them that we get to see their gaps and shortcomings. It is from the meaningful criticism offered freely in a teams that we shift out perspectives towards a building better solutions.

My key takes away today on idea generation:

  • Narrow down on a topic/sector
  • Identify list of possible problems
  • Come up with solutions
  • Weigh the impact of the solutions.
  • Think expansively. How can the solutions be improvised to impact a larger community?

Day 37

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