Day 40: Deployed Back End to Heroku

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I deployed the the Back End project to Heroku successfully or rather almost successfully. I followed through the Getting Started on Heroku with Node.js article. It is straight forward and easy to set up, when you don't bump into errors.

Onto the successful bit: Running the app locally.
Command used:

heroku local web

I made a request to http://localhost:4000/products on the browser, and got back my saved products.
Alt Text
I also made requests to a couple of endpoints. Here is the Response on terminal Response on terminal

Then there is the unsuccessful bit of it. Opening the app on a site. I'm not sure what output to expect since it's only a Back End, but from the output below something is amiss.
Command used:

heroku open

Application Error Message
Heroku logs
Alt Text
I copied and pasted the logs on google. But google could not comprehend the search.
Fixed on day 44

Day 40 is a Done Deal

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