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Yeah but what if my todo.exe isn't a Web application?


It's not uncommon that people that want to use k8s don't actually NEED it - k8s is just the latest trend and some people use it just because of that. In your case you might think of any other orchestrators like Nomad by Hashicorp. The article is very very good though.


The above article gave an example of a To-do app for the simplicity of explanation.

I would imagine that any workload run on Kubernetes adheres at least in some way to a "connected" service architecture. While this could be something as simple as a program that takes some input X and produces output Y, using Kubernetes at the very least might provide you with the benefit of horizontal scalability.

As mentioned in one of the replies by Fernandino Silva, not every workload requires Kubernets. Running a standalone desktop application probably wouldn't need a whole cluster behind itself. It's back-end infrastructure on the other hand could very well be deployed via Kubernetes, especially in the case where the front-end app is just one of many clients.

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