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Don't name your Rails model Image

I named my model Image and I'm now realizing that's a bad idea.

I've never used my model with a form previously as it belongs to another model. But now I had to build a form to allow the user to update some of the attributes of my images.

<%= form_with model: image do |f| %>
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But suddenly I got errors from the asset pipeline

The asset "[Image" is not present in the asset pipeline.

I even tried providing my form the image path directly:

<%= form_with model: image, url: image_path(image) do |f| %>
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But got the exact same error. Okay - so now I realized that the asset pipeline is actually responding to my image_path, even though I created my images routes in config/routes.rb with the usual resources :images syntax.

So long story short. Don't name your model Image. It's always easier to use Rails conversions instead of having to work around them.

Should you do it anyways, then help your self by naming your routes customary. In config/routes.rb you can do it with the as option to your resources statement:

resources :images, as: :img
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which gives you the routes helpers:

new_img_path # new
img_path(image) # show
edit_img_path(image) # edit
img_index_path # index - notice it requires index to be specified in method name
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and in the form_for you need to tell Rails to use your custom routes:

<%= form_with model: image, url: img_path(image), method: :put do |f| %>
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It's not perfect. But when the damage is done it's a lot easier to use custom route names than renaming your model.

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