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Introduction of Settings View for Xamarin.Forms

Though Xamarin.Forms TableView is useful, there aren't enough built-in cells. So I always use a ViewCell, but which makes app performance worse.

In order to solve that, I made some custom native cells and a custom TableView which works these cells effectively.

This library named AiForms.SettingsView is available on NuGet.



What SettingsView can do.


  • To set separator color.
  • To set selected cell color.
  • To scroll to screen top and bottom.


  • To set IsVisible each section.
  • To set section a footer.
  • To set various options of a header and a footer.
  • To use DataTemplate and DataTemplateSelector in a section.
  • To reorder items by drag and drop in a section.


  • To set options of all the cells as SettingsView options at once.
  • To set indivisual cell options. (indivisual cell options is superior to SettingsView options.)
  • To set a cell HintText.
  • To use an icon cached in memory at all cells.
  • To change corner radius of an icon.
  • To use various defined cells.
  • To use Xamarin.Forms.ViewCell and the others.

For more information about SettingsView, see

Built-in Cells

  • LabelCell - a cell showing read only text.
  • CommandCell - a LabelCell invoked an action.
  • ButtonCell - a simple cell invoked an action like a button.
  • SwitchCell - a LabelCell equipped a switch
  • CheckboxCell - a LabelCell equipped a checkbox.
  • NumberPickerCell - a LabelCell calling a number picker.
  • TimePickerCell - a LabelCell calling a time picker.
  • DatePickerCell - a LabelCell calling a date picker.
  • TextPickerCell - a LabelCell calling a text picker.
  • PickerCell - a LabelCell calling a multiple select picker.
  • EntryCell - a cell inputing some text.

For more information about built-in Cells, see


Install-Package AiForms.SettingsView

You need to install this nuget package to PCL/.NETStandard project and each platform project.

For iOS project

To use by iOS, you need to write some code in AppDelegate.cs.

public override bool FinishedLaunching(UIApplication app, NSDictionary options) {

    AiForms.Renderers.iOS.SettingsViewInit.Init(); //need to write here

    LoadApplication(new App(new iOSInitializer()));

    return base.FinishedLaunching(app, options);

How to write with xaml


<sv:SettingsView HasUnevenRows="true">

    <sv:Section Title="Header1" FooterText="Footer1">
        <sv:CommandCell IconSource="icon.png" IconSize="60,60" IconRadius="30"
            Title="Xam Xamarin" Description=""
            Command="{Binding ToProfileCommand}" CommandParameter="{Binding Parameter}"
        <sv:ButtonCell Title="Toggle Section" TitleColor="{StaticResource TitleTextColor}"
             TitleAlignment="Center" Command="{Binding SectionToggleCommand}" />
        <sv:LabelCell Title="Label" ValueText="value" />
        <sv:SwitchCell Title="Switch" On="true" 
            Description="This is description." />
        <sv:CheckboxCell Title="Checkbox" Checked="true" />

    <sv:Section Title="Header2" FooterText="Footer2" IsVisible="{Binding SctionIsVisible}">
        <sv:PickerCell Title="Favorites" ItemsSource="{Binding ItemsSource}" DisplayMember="Name" MaxSelectedNumber="3" 
        SelectedItems="{Binding SelectedItems}" KeepSelectedUntilBack="true" PageTitle="select 3 items" />
        <sv:NumberPickerCell Title="NumberPicker" Min="0" Max="99" Number="15" PickerTitle="Select number" />
        <sv:TimePickerCell Title="TimePicker" Format="HH:mm" Time="15:30" PickerTitle="Select time" />
        <sv:DatePickerCell Title="DatePicker" Format="yyyy/MM/dd (ddd)" Date="2017/11/11" MinimumDate="2015/1/1" MaximumDate="2018/12/15" TodayText="Today's date"/>
        <sv:EntryCell Title="EntryCell" ValueText="{Binding InputText.Value}" Placeholder="Input text" Keyboard="Email" TextAlignment="End" HintText="{Binding InputError.Value}" />


SettingsView properties settings may as well be witten in App.xaml.
For example...

<Application xmlns=""
            <Color x:Key="AccentColor">#FFBF00</Color>
            <Color x:Key="DisabledColor">#E6DAB9</Color>
            <Color x:Key="TitleTextColor">#CC9900</Color>
            <Color x:Key="PaleBackColorPrimary">#F2EFE6</Color>
            <Color x:Key="PaleBackColorSecondary">#F2EDDA</Color>
            <Color x:Key="DeepTextColor">#555555</Color>
            <Color x:Key="NormalTextColor">#666666</Color>
            <Color x:Key="PaleTextColor">#999999</Color>
            <x:Double x:Key="BaseFontSize">12</x:Double>
            <x:Double x:Key="BaseFontSize+">14</x:Double>
            <x:Double x:Key="BaseFontSize++">17</x:Double>
            <x:Double x:Key="BaseFontSize-">11</x:Double>

            <Style TargetType="sv:SettingsView">
                <Setter Property="SeparatorColor" Value="{StaticResource DisabledColor}" />
                <Setter Property="BackgroundColor" Value="{StaticResource PaleBackColorPrimary}" />
                <Setter Property="HeaderBackgroundColor" Value="{StaticResource PaleBackColorPrimary}" />
                <Setter Property="CellBackgroundColor" Value="{StaticResource AppBackground}" />
                <Setter Property="CellTitleColor" Value="{StaticResource DeepTextColor}" />
                <Setter Property="CellValueTextColor" Value="{StaticResource NormalTextColor}" />
                <Setter Property="CellTitleFontSize" Value="{StaticResource BaseFontSize++}" />
                <Setter Property="CellValueTextFontSize" Value="{StaticResource BaseFontSize}" />
                <Setter Property="CellDescriptionColor" Value="{StaticResource NormalTextColor}" />
                <Setter Property="CellDescriptionFontSize" Value="{StaticResource BaseFontSize-}" />
                <Setter Property="CellAccentColor" Value="{StaticResource AccentColor}" />
                <Setter Property="SelectedColor" Value="#50FFBF00" />
                <Setter Property="HeaderTextColor" Value="{StaticResource TitleTextColor}" />
                <Setter Property="FooterFontSize" Value="{StaticResource BaseFontSize-}" />
                <Setter Property="FooterTextColor" Value="{StaticResource PaleTextColor}" />

Whereby any SettingsView in App will become the same property setttings.


I would be grateful if you could use this library.

If there are some questions, requests, and bug reports, please report it to GitHub issues or twitter (@muak_x ).

Thank you.

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