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Why I Use laptop Instead Of Desktop Pc For Content Writing

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Hi, This is Mubassir Kamdar Ethical Hacker And Security Researcher and part time blogger from Karachi,Pakistan,With over years of experience in cyber security, Mubassir Kamdar identified major security flaws in world's well known companies. This includes Eset, Facebook, Uber, Sony and many others. A huge number of Halls of Fame and Certificates were rewarded as a token of appreciation from these companies.

I'll cut right to it.

after some interview of mine let's come to topic

for part time earning i do content writing on fiverr up word and

and as i say above that i am from karachi,pakistan in this country you will found out electricity crices every time so i decided to buy a laptop for doing some content writing work i decided to ask google "best small laptops for writers"..

i read some of articles but then i found this article is very creative and intresting to read and purchase one from that website

Note: For part time work like freelancing and blogging i recommand you to go for small laptops because easy to take any where and portable also they don't cover much space