VIM & Visual Studio Code Tips & Tricks (With Video / GIF)

Muhammad Muhajir on June 30, 2019

This post is going to be a collection of VIM And Visual Studio Code tips that I use daily. And it will be updated frequently. So stay tuned. You ca... [Read Full]
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Inspired by your 3rd tip, when inside an HTML/JSX tag:
Using cs<div> can change your current tag to a <div> tag. Of course, that is applicable to all other types of HTML tags out there. <div> was just for an example.


Did I miss something? How does this work? Is there a shortcut key combination to make this work?


Hi stuart,
Did you manage to get it working?

First of all you need to install . And you can learn some vim basic here .

After that, all those tips & tricks should be usable


Yeah, I'm feeling quite confused and stupid right now...


Ah, my bad. Should have said that we're using VSCode Vim extension. I'll update the post. Thanks for noticing


Yeah. We're using VSCode VIM extension like mentioned by @firozansari . I'll update the post. Thanks for noticing


Yeah, it's awesome. Thanks for adding the information David :)



I have launched for this purpose. Check it out

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