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Muhammad Haseeb
Muhammad Haseeb

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Math's Issues of Computer_Science(CS/SE) Students

Mathematics in the Compute Science field, should be taught with interaction, animation, tools that let students play around with hyper-parameters, and help to visualize concepts easier. Projects can be introduced to help students explore on how to think about Mathematics and how to design problems and their solutions themselves. For example,

  • Calculus can be made to understand by tools like Maple or Desmos, which offers tools to animate equations
  • Differential Equations can be coded out using libraries written in Python to provide some insight into how variables interact
  • Linear Algebra can be taught on 2D or 3D animations to give a better view in how operations affect each other using R, Julia, or Python.
  • Statistics And Prob can be visualized using Data Visualization tools. They can be used to show how different techniques affect data and how easy and hard it is to manipulate data, and what results we mostly look for
  • Numerical Analysis can be shown to work by using graphical libraries like OpenGL, WebGL, to show sharpness, contrast, and accuracy in terms of pixels to see just how NC is in graphics designing. People remember ideas more than age old equations. Thoughts? I thin one another issue Education using technology is really pre-mature right now, so.there isn't any demand, thus, there is no supply either. If we develop that mentality in CS / SE, we can overcome licensing issues, development approaches, question traditional methods of schooling / teaching, and so. Create the demand, and there will be a supply.

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Mohammad Fazel • Edited

Depends on the purpose you have, for ordinary developers this works so good but for those who wanna change the game, need to understand everything correctly like math.

  • I have to say I'm not so good at math and doing my best to sharpen my skills
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Muhammad Haseeb

Thanks to share your Important Suggestion.You're right but if you want to become unbeatable in programming then you have to learn Maths.Like There's big role of math in Machine learning, Data Science and you can't survive in these fields without Math.