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5 Cool VSCode Extensions

VSCode, out of the box can provide a ton of useful features that can help you get started. But what makes VSC stand out than most other text editors is the wide range of extensions. Extensions can make your life simple. And since VSC is open source and has a huge community, you can almost find any extension you wish in the market place. And to make your life a bit more easier, I have listed 5 cool VSC extensions for you to check out. 😁

Don't worry, I am not gonna enlist those popular extensions like live server or eslint since you are probably bored seeing them in almost every other blogs. 😋

1. Browser Preview


Ever wished to browse dev within vscode? No? Well me neither. But here it is! A fully functional browser inside your favorite text editor.

browser Preview

But don't get your hope too high though. You may find browser preview a bit buggy. And the three star review may concern you as well. And as you can see(or maybe you can't), the screenshot above is a bit blurry.

I won't recommend this extension for day to day uses. But hey! This is a nice extension after all.

2. Markdown Preview Enhanced


Markdown is a common format for writing docs, readme and other useful stuffs. And since I write all my dev blogs in vscode, markdown is even more important to me. And a good markdown preview is a must. And that's why I use Markdown Preview Enhanced(phew! that was a mouthful name). It's pretty lightweight and does what it says. Previews the markdown!

markdown preview

3. Code Spell Checker

spell checker

As mentioned earlier, I use vscode to write my dev blogs. And I am notorious in my school for making stupid spelling mistakes. I definitely don't want my readers to read all these spelling mistakes and get annoyed. This is where Code Spell Checker comes to the play.

spell checker pre

4. GoogleAnything


Google, the trusty old friend. Just ask it anything you wish and it will gladly answer all your question. And even better, now you can use google within your vscode. However it will open a web browser for you(it's basically the same thing as opening a browser and googling 😋).

google preview

5. VSInder


VSInder, the tinder for vscode. Instead of swiping people's photo, you swipe codes other people wrote. Not gonna lie, it's a cool idea.

So, this was 5 cool "non traditional" vsc extensions for me. If you have any other cool extension that I haven't listed, share it in the comment.

Until next time, happy coding vscoding.

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A quick(and not that exciting) story I would like to share.

It was 2.30 when I wrote this blog(now it 4 am). I slept too long in the noon and cherry on top, had a cup of coffee in the after noon. Which ultimately resulted in no sleep. That's why decided to write a new dev blog which I haven't done since past year.

This is my first blog of year 2021. Happy new year? 😅

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Sebastian Tiedtke

Would love to hear your thoughts on the Marquee extension ( please!