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What makes you frustrated(in programming)?

This no wonder that most of you reading this post like to code day and night. Most probably, programming is your dream job. And if I am not wrong, programming also gave you frustration (at least once). What was the reason?

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Asher Toqeer

Lack of control, mainly when using frameworks. You need a simple application, you got a framework, and now you have a lot of code in your bucket which you don't use, but it is there, with all of its errors, exceptions, security loopholes and whatnot.
And if you get into some nasty Exception due to code you never wrote, trust me, you don't want to get into that situation.
Lack of control come in a lot of different forms, sometimes badly written code, sometimes unclear requirements, sometimes communication flaws, and sometimes just because your mind isn't working.

Sometimes, the "design of the application" just doesn't make any sense. The application has a full-blown SQL server, great, but in the application, you must use some ORM and should not use native functionality, "in case we need to change DB in future". WHAT? WHY? The database engines are not dumb, they could do like a lot for you, use them effectively.

Sometimes, developers just through every buzz word in the application. Read about microservices? Now everything will be a microservice. ML is cool, just put it there. XYZ is using ABC, let's use ABC, so on and so forth

We are pretty young as industry and we got a loooooong way to go