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Mumin Gazi
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When and How often you take a break ?

When you start a coding session and begin to perform your magic. When nothing goes wrong and you feel like superstar. When there's no force on earth that can distract you from what you are doing. Do you even think about taking a break?

I'm using a reminder software in my Linux environment that reminds me to take a break every 50 minutes. Also I have smart watch that does the same thing. But still I feel myself wanna go on and keep skipping the reminders. Then I start having a headache and see that I spent non-stop 10 hours of work.

What you guys go about this? Do you experience the same thing?

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Michel Renaud • Edited

I have back problems, so I need to be careful not to sit longer than 20 minutes or so at a time (well, 30 works fine these days). Since I started working from home, I listen to vinyl records while working, so that forces me to get up to change sides or get another record. They're very short breaks, but so far they've helped keep in check the back pain resulting from sitting too long.

Oh, on my personal computer, since I usually listen to music from my server (no sides to change, etc), I use Parallels Toolbox. The newest version has a "Take a break" feature. I set it to 30 minutes.