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I want to build my own apps with no advertisement, no in-app-purchase, no talking to remote servers for hours or any other crap. These are lightweight apps to do offer basic functionality. Contacts, calendar, note, password manager, ebook manager/reader, sudoku etc.
I don't want a sudoku app that is ~50MB.

Only advanced feature I want is automated sync between paired phones and pcs when they are on the same network. So that my notes, calendar events, passwords and etc will be synced. No setting up third servers or deploying container and stuff. No need to bounce data off a server few hundres km away to sync 2 devices in the same room.

I am currently learning Java but I can't even get a simple text file reader to run on CLI.


You could probably set up a network-based sync feature by making your application host miniature servers that are available on a particular port through the network. That way the different devices can talk to each-other through and endpoint.

You'll definitely get there with your learning - you probably need better resources to read / watch or some extra guidance from one of the DEV community members. You can always put up a #help post!

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