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Discussion on: Exploring API

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Joseph Maurer Author

Oh cool yeah please share a link to what you’re working on! Cool to hear I’m not the only one messing around with the API for fun 😊

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InHuOfficial • Edited

In this post I have a "SPA" which has a "contact form" (you will see why I put those in quotes when you play with it / read the article!) - instead of the contact form sending me an email it instead adds anything that is filled in into a comments section within the post itself.

To do that I update the post every minute using the API based on stored messages (in fact thinking about it it is really inefficient as I do that every minute no matter what, I should change it to just update if a new message has been added....a quick weekend job!)

In this article I create a GIF dynamically every minute that counts down to a date.

Yet again the script that creates that GIF runs every minute and then updates the article automatically, that way the GIF is always in sync.

Any questions just ask, but that is my way of getting used to the API 😋