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Don't know anything about software development but want to learn Blockchain Development? Here's what to do:

Are you interested in learning blockchain? but unfortunately, you don't know anything about software development? I know the feeling!

Not having a software development background and still wanting to learn blockchain is really scary - I know the feeling! There are a few online courses on blockchain certification from Upgrad, Blockchain Council, IIT Hyderabad and SOO MANY INSTITUTES! but they ask for a lot of money (I have paid INR 150,000 for an 11-month course myself) But if you are someone who is okay to spend some money and get 'the certificate', okay - good for you. You can stop reading ahead, sorry to waste your time!

Honestly, the blockchain industry is asking for projects rather than those fancy certificates (believe me, I have a few and it does not work!) So I am going to tell you my plan => what I did to learn software development and blockchain development in hyperledger fabric and ethereum!

Here are some of the "BEST" Udemy courses under INR 500

  1. Everything Javascript:
  2. Everything Node.Js:
  3. Everything Ethereum:
  4. Everything Hyperledger Chaincodes 2.0:

The above list is more than 100 hours and should keep you busy for a few weeks!

You should also follow some of the speakers on Youtube who talk a lot about the latest and greatest in blockchain and programming -

  1. Academind: (before buying the course on Udemy, watch his EXTENSIVE videos on youtube)
  2. DAppUniversity: (Great guy to follow ethereum)
  3. MITOpenCourses: (your basics of programming - all free courses from MIT)
  4. Telusko: (great person to learn basic programming)

Of course, I am not an expert, but if you are like me who does not know anything about software development and want to start learning blockchain, I can relate to what you have in mind! So I can suggest you do the following to get started:

  1. See the courses I mentioned on Javascript and Node.js on Udemy (do not buy)
  2. Search that EXACT course on Youtube and watch the first 7-10 hours for free!!
  3. Go through the youtube of DAppUniversity (he is a good guide for Ethereum)
  4. Go through the ethereum course I mentioned on Udemy (maybe even buy it)
  5. Solve your basics that you don't understand using MITOpencourses, Academind and Telusko on youtube
  6. Take the nodejs and Javascript course on Udemy now (since you are somewhat confident with the basics of basics)
  7. Checkout the Hyperledger fabric course I mentioned on Udemy

The above 7 steps are more than 100 hours of learning for less than INR 2,000!! This should give you a very good background of software development and blockchain (especially Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric)

Once you start, you will be really confused for the first few weeks! *But hold on! *

CHEAT CODE => Open the Udemy links on Incognito Mode in Google Chrome to save your money!

FEELING LUCKY? => Uninstall your Windows OS and load a Linux Distro! Totally worth learning!

Everything you need to do after installing Linux:

Some 'must-have' applications for your new Linux:

Again, I am not an expert - I have just gone through the struggle and I would like to save your money LOL :)

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Rima Sharma

Great article! It's great to hear that people are interested in learning about blockchain development. I think one of the best ways to get started is to research and read as much as possible about blockchain technology and its various applications.