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re: Mate, my server is not working! Trying debugging it but it seems i can't more forward! So localhost:5000 is giving me: Cannot GET /. Or from the C...

The jobs are not available on localhost:5000/ instead they are available on localhost:5000/jobs

which you can verify in server/server.js, line number 13

app.get('/jobs', async (req, res) => {

Let me know if it works

Thanks loads mate!
I did actually managed to visualise them at localhost:5000/jobs but i thought i was doing something wrong because i am not able to display the results in the client server. Basically some errors in the /src/actions/jobs.js... Working on it. Thanks again for amazing work.


Okay. Great! If you read the article step by step then you will not get any error. You can always clone the final repository code from github.com/myogeshchavan97/github-... and compare your code with mine, in case you get any error.

Stranger! Can't display the jobs cranky-haibt-9c4f4b.netlify.app/! Will check out what it's wrong.... !

Netlify does not support Node.js apps directly. If you want to get your Node.js app deployed on Netlify, you need to deploy the App as a lambda function which I have explained in detail in this article.

Alternatively, you can clone my this repository where I have already done the configuration changes for Netlify.

You can check out my commits HERE to understand what changes I have done specific to Netlify

If you don't want to do such configuration, you can use Heroku to deploy the App because Heroku supports both React and Nodejs App directly.

I have just published an article showing how to deploy this application to Heroku. Check it out HERE

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