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My SunShares Portal ☀️⚡
My SunShares Portal ☀️⚡

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My SSH Portal WhitePaper


My SunShares (SSH) Portal is world's first platform built on top of blockchain technology and decentralized governance that allows you to join the renewable energy revolution. Running on Elrond Network, Europe's first carbon-negative blockchain, the SSH utility token will make solar energy investment accessible to everyone, delivering extraordinary benefits and returns to ordinary people.

Home owners, land or commercial property owners, in partnership with MySunShares Portal, can start generate electricity for their own immediate use, with world class photovoltaic systems. Benefit of constantly reducing costs or profit from selling produced electricity back to the national power grid.

We provide the end-to-end platform required to start your investment, monitor your system's status and statistics, manage ownership and benefits.

1. Disclaimers
2. Introduction
3. What is $SSH?

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