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GitHub Action to turn your profile README into a guestbook

I am happy to participate in the Actions Hackathon and to share my work with my fellow readers and the open source community. Hopefully, my little project inspires you to use it or to start hacking on your own actions.

My Workflow

As an open source contributor chances are high that you want to get feedback from the community and especially the lovely people who use your code to solve their problems. You need a way for them to interact with you and enable them to share their thoughts and thankfulness about your projects.

readme-guestbook turns your GitHub profile page into an interactive guestbook. People can post issues to your repo, which are then rendered to the Markdown of your README.

Try it out!

Submission Category: Wacky Wildcards

GitHub logo muety / readme-guestbook

A GitHub action to create a guestbook in your README from repository issues

Additional Resources / Info

  • My own profile as an example of the action in action 🤓

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