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FFmpeg: Cut up andio/video

Heddi Nabbisen
An ICT designer/developer and a security monk with "a cool brain and a warm heart". OpenBSD/Rust etc. Interested in social issues and relationships. Founder of Scqr Inc.
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With FFmpeg, it's able to manipulate audio or video files.
Here shows an example to cut up mp3 into specific duration.

ffmpeg -i <some-video.mp3> -ss 00:00:22 -t 00:00:32 <cut-up-some-video.mp3>
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-ss is the start position. -t is the duration (not the end position).
The command above brings that of 00:00:22-00:00:53 (32 sec), instead of 00:00:22-00:00:32 (10 sec).

The official documentation on its options is here.

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