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Posted on Hackathon: Rocket Launch bot (RELEASE!)

Special thanks to and Twilio for my first hackathon! This was a fun experience and a great excuse to be productive in these trying times!
I'm looking forward for more!

What I built

I built a rocket launch bot that you can contact via SMS! The scope of the project was to find an implementation for the Java wrapper I built a while ago.

With Twilio's Autopilot this was not super difficult to implement!
So much for my first entry onto a hackathon (apart from Hacktoberfest).

Category Submission:

Well, my project would fall into the Interesting Integrations category.
This project was an excuse to implement my wrapper onto something!

Demo Link

Messaging +1 863 869 3995 should trigger the collect task to demo the project, unless my credits run out this should work!

Link to Code

How I built it (what's the stack? did I run into issues or discover something new along the way?)

I used Twilio's Java SDK. SparkJava for the web-hooks and my Java wrapper for (thanks a lot!).

At the beginning I was thinking about directly parsing the data myself by triggering the web-hook as soon as a message was received (using a Messaging Service that would directly link to my endpoint). But after looking into Twilio's resources I found Autopilot, a great feature that uses a sort of ChatBot to parse the messages and detect intent!

This made my project 10 times easier! Big thanks to Twilio!

Additional Resources/Info

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