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Posted on Hackathon: Writing a Rocket launch bot!


This is my first hackathon with I will be participating so I'm looking forward to it!

(this is not my first post but I have decided to remove the first one because it was really minimal)

At the beginning I started making a bulk project, with myself parsing the messages received through the web-hook directly.

After looking at Twilio's resources I came across Autopilot bots, a conversational AI stack that parses most of the data with a very convenient to use UI (which reminds me a lot of Dialogflow). With this I would just need to set up a couple endpoints to provide the responses.

Link to Code

This time I have started the GitHub repository for the project!

What's the stack?

I have decided to stick with Java for the project.
We'll be used Twilio's provided SDK, alongside with my Java wrapper and SparkJava for webhooks.

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